Trading in your current vehicle is a great way to lower your down payments on your next car, truck, or SUV from Woody Folsom! Start by using our form below to get a trusted estimate for your trade, then visit us in Baxley to complete the process.

How to Value Your Trade

It's easy to use our form to get your Kelley Blue Book value! As you fill in more information, the form will autofill, so you won't have to go digging for specific information like your engine type or drivetrain. 

To start, be sure to put your mileage and zip code. You'll then be taken to a list of features that your vehicle might have--fill these out to the best of your knowledge. Finally, determine the state of your vehicle. Is it in excellent condition? Are there a few scratches? Are you worried about the rusted bumper? These are all factors that can affect the final value. 

Shop For Your New Vehicle at Woody Folsom Automotive

After filling in your vehicle's information, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter the information for the vehicle you're interested in buying. This makes it easier for us to determine how your trade-in will lead into your purchase. You can leave your contact information with us, and we'll get back to you with your Kelley Blue Book value!
Woody Folsom Automotive promises to give you the most for your trade. We don't cut corners. We use Kelley Blue Book in order to give you a completely fair deal. Woody Folsom Automotive is ready to give you the actual, true value of your vehicle so you can put it towards your dream car. 

Visit Woody Folsom Automotive in Baxley, GA, to learn more about your vehicle's value and how it can contribute to your new car!

To learn more about your financing options, you can explore our financing department. Here, we work with our customers to find the best payment plan according to their credit and lifestyle. Your trade-in paired with our stellar deals will make it that much easier to get into the car of your dreams for less.
At Woody Folsom Automotive, we believe that everyone should be able to drive their dream vehicle. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an experience they'll never forget. To learn more, you can contact us through our website, or visit us in the store!