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New Vehicle Incentives in Baxley, GA

If you're looking for the best incentives around, look no further than Woody Folsom Automotive. Check out our selection of vehicles and their accompanying offers when you browse our website.

Special Rates with Woody Folsom Automotive

Woody Folsom Automotive offers special rates to make the most of your purchase. Check out the promotional and financial offers you could take advantage of when purchasing your next vehicle:
  • Chevy APR Offers: For well-qualified buyers, get 5.3% APR for 72 months, plus $750 select market competitive cash
  • 90 Day Payment Deferral: For well-qualified buyers when you're financed with GM Financial (average example is 5.9% APR).
Offers only apply to certain vehicles and some restriction may apply. If you ever have questions about our special rates and promotions, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you through the process. We'll make sure you're comfortable before making any decisions.

Be sure to stay current on our offers since they expire and refresh frequently in order to give you a variety of opportunities to maximize your purchase.

Woody Folsom Automotive Lease Offers

Leasing a vehicle is also a great option and we have a number of leasing offers you can utilize to make the experience even more cost-effective.

National Chevy Lease and SER Buick offer ultra low-mileage leases for well-qualified lessees. Get unbeatable monthly rates and low signing deposit rates.

These leasing agreements don't require a security deposit either. If you're a current lessee, your rates improve even more. When you choose to lease a vehicle, you can get a high-quality car, truck, or SUV with the latest in safety and technology without breaking the bank. Stay up to date on our website to keep track of rotating lease offers.

Check out Woody Folsom Automotive Rebates

We also offer a number of rebates, or cash discounts, to make your purchase easier on the wallet:
  • Chevrolet Customer Cash: $500 customer cash plus $750 select market competitive cash
  • Chevrolet Customer Cash (National): $5,000 customer cash
  • Purchase Allowance of $250 customer cash
  • Purchase Allowance of $250 when financed through GM Financial
  • Buick Cash Offers: $250 purchase allowance plus another $250 when you finance through GM Financial ($500 total cash allowance).
  • Select Market Purchase Bonus Cash: $1,000 customer cash
There are a variety of rebate offers available to you. Different offers are available for different vehicles. Rebates expire and refresh, so keep an eye on our website for the most current offers!

Benefits of Chevrolet Specials vs Other Manufacturers

Chevrolet works hard to make sure your purchase or lease works to your advantage. We offer a variety of incentives and rates to make sure you can find the perfect vehicle at the right price. Chevrolet offers cash incentives, promotions, rebates, financing incentives, and leasing incentives so you feel confident in your purchase or lease. Check out the website for more information on our new incentives!
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