Chevrolet hasn't become the esteemed auto manufacturer it is today by producing sub-par vehicles. They have attained their success through more than a hundred years of hard work and automotive innovation. As some of the most popular vehicles on the market, Chevy vehicles are known for their quality builds and outstanding safety features. To learn about the five best safety features offered by Chevrolet, check out our full post below.

Forward Collision Alert

As technology continues to improve, so do Chevrolet vehicle safety features. One of the best new features available is Chevy's Forward Collision Alert. Even in you're a defensive driver, it can't hurt to have an extra safeguard protecting you as you travel. Chevy's Forward Collision Alert works by alerting you of any potential front-end collisions or if you're driving too close behind a vehicle. Thanks to front-facing cameras, this system can even help reduce the severity of a front-end collision or help you avoid one altogether.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Chevy's Adaptive Cruise Control is an incredibly useful safety feature. Do you ever get tired of having to constantly adjust your speed in order to maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles? With Adaptive Cruise Control, manually managing your cruising speed is a thing of the past. Front-facing cameras and an intelligent computer system will automatically maintain a driver-set following distance from the vehicle in front of you whenever the system is activated.

Rear Vision Camera

Chevy's Rear Vision Camera has undoubtedly stopped many accidents and even saved lives. By giving you a clear picture of what is behind your vehicle when in reverse, the Rear Vision Camera can help you avoid fender benders. It can also help you see objects obstructing your path or even small children that you would otherwise be unable to see if you only had your vehicle's mirrors to help you. 

Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning

We've all had a scary moment where we've unintentionally drifted outside of our driving lane. With Chevy's Lane Keep Assist, you can commute with a heightened peace of mind. With this feature, accidental lane departures will be automatically corrected with a subtle automatic correction to your steering wheel. A lifesaver for sure.

Teen Driver

Worried about your teenager's safety and driving habits? Chevy's Teen Driver safety feature allows you to manage safety features for when your child is behind the wheel and can even supply feedback to help coach your teen into a responsible and safe driver.

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